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When Electrical Accidents Happen Who Do You Call?

Electrical accidents will happen.  And when they do, insurance companies are involved and attorneys are frequently retained to ensure that the injured party(ies) are compensated for loss of income and trauma incurred through no fault of their own.  The electrical accident may involve equipment or technology with which the insurance company or attorney is not very familiar.  This is frequently the case when the incident involves electrical equipment and systems such as arc-flash accidents.  This is where CCC can help.  CCC provides the services of a forensic engineer to assist the insurance companies and attorneys to determine the cause of the accident and explain it in simple terms so that the triers of fact in civil cases involving electrical accidents can arrive at their verdict.  These services include:

●   Initial Consultation
●   Research & Site Investigation
●   Forensic Investigation
●   Expert Report Preparation
●   Exhibit Preparation
●   Model Preparation
●   Pre-trial Deposition
●   Expert Testimony


The president of CCC, Tom McCauley, P.E., has more than 35 years of electrical engineering experience in senior technical and managerial positions in major manufacturing and consulting organizations in the US and Europe.

CCC has extensive forensic engineering experience in analyzing electrical equipment and design process failures. Also, as a result of providing expert witness testimony before the NRC, we understand how to answer questions without broadening the area of inquiry.

We are skilled in presenting complex technical issues in easily understandable forms through the use of simple descriptions, diagrams and charts.

Our wide ranging experience in preparing forensic engineering reports and technical papers enables us to provide you with concise documentation of the technical issues involved in a case and to suggest lines of questioning to you that will bring out the important aspects of the testimony of your expert witness and that of the opposing expert witnesses.

As attorney J. E. Malters, Mn. put it, "(Mr. McCauley was) able to zero in on important issues before it was apparent that they were important issues"

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