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In recent years because of the highly competitive nature of the business climate,  many Architect/Engineer (A/E)  firms have reduced staff in certain areas, including equipment specialists, electrical, mechanical and structural analysts, third party design reviews and forensic engineering. Under normal circumstance this is not a problem. 

However, when unusual problems arise for which the A/E firm either does not have the expertise or has only one person (no qualified independent reviewer) with the required expertise then it becomes a problem.

 CCC fills this gap on a just-in-time basis.  CCC can act as an extension of the A/E's staff in the areas listed below to allow the A/E to perform the work for its client without taking on the permanent overhead of one or more experts.

Design Reviews-

Provide an independent review of the A/E's design as it progresses to avoid expensive and embarrassing changes late in the project.  These include

bulletDesign calculation review
bulletCompliance with National and Local Standards
bulletConstructability review
bulletReview of Contractor charges

Training -

Provide training to the A/E's staff in the following areas:

bulletRunning voltage and motor starting voltage drop calculations
bulletShort circuit calculations including motor an generator contributions
bulletCircuit breaker and fuse selection
bulletEquipment sizing
bulletCable selection, sizing and installation

Procedure/Process Review -

Review of the A/E's design processes in the following areas:

bulletIdentification of required drawings
bulletDefining drawing content
bulletChoice of databases versus drawings
bulletApplication of technology to design process

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